Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZMP) PHASE II

Sustainable management of coastal and marine resources is essential to our State’s economic growth. The Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZMP) for the State was prepared with the objective of better co-ordination among implementing agencies for development along the coastal stretch of Tamil Nadu, targeted at socio-economic improvement of the people while keeping natural resources and the environment healthy and capable of sustaining future generation.

Based on the ICZMP, a concept note, base document and Preliminary Project Report have been sent to the MoEF&CC, GoI for consideration under the implementation of the ICZMP Project under Phase-II with an integrated approach to coordinate activities of various Departments/Agencies for the sustainable management and usage of coastal resources maintaining the natural environment.

As per the instructions of the MoEF &CC, GoI, the proposals for the ICZMP Phase-II for Tamil Nadu is revised and forwarded to the GoI for a sum of Rs. 306.20 crores for implementation of several projects in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.

To execute the projects to be sanctioned under the ICZMP, a State Project Monitoring Unit (SPMU) has been created at the Department of Environment with a Project Director, an Additional Project Director and a Programme Officer. The SPMU will act as the Secretariat to the project steering committee charged with the day-to-day coordination and implementation of the ICZM activities in the State.

The proposed activities focused on the Sustainable Management and development of Coastal Zones under the following Thematic Areas.

  • Conservation of coastal & marine ecological resources
  • Coastal Pollution management and related infrastructure upgrade
  • Livelihood security of coastal communities.
  • Capacity building & implementation of ICZM Plans.

The SICOM (Society of Integrated Coastal Management) of MoEF&CC., GoI have requested to submit projects under some of the following fields of above Thematic Areas.

  • Coastal Vulnerability Protection
  • Sea Level Raising
  • Instead of Gardening mangroves /corals, sustainability to be linked to local communities.
  • Livelihood Tourism, Eco-Tourism
  • Construction of Geo-tubes instead of Hard structures as Coastal erosion measures, etc.,

Accordingly, detailed project reports for pirority activities under ICZMP Phase II/Encore Projects have been forwarded to Government of India for approval.