The following schemes were implemented by the Department of Environment with the financial assistance from World Bank under CDRRP.

Demarcation of High Tide Line (HTL) along the Coast of Tamil Nadu.

The Department of Environment has demarcated high tide line for the entire coastline of the State including tidal influenced water bodies and the high tide line reference points have been super imposed on the village cadastral maps on a scale of 1:5000. This work has been completed through the Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University at a cost of Rs.2.20 crores and the said HTL maps are made available in the District Authorities.

Erection of Stone Pillars on High Tide Line (HTL) Reference points.

To identify the HTL on ground, high tide line stone pillars have been erected along the coast at a distance of 250 m interval all along the coast of Tamil Nadu.

Preparation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZMP)

To take appropriate decision on any development to be undertaken along the coast, the Integrated Coastal Management Plan has been prepared for the coastline of Tamil Nadu. The different layers of information available through the Geographical Information System (GIS) platform can be used to assess the damage and to plan for mitigation at times of coastal hazard and the said plan is utilized as base document for formulating future plans.

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