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Final Draft of Tamil Nadu State Action Plan for Climate Change


Preamble :

        The Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi executed an agreement between German International Cooperation (GIZ), a Donor Agency supporting local communities in identifying, developing and carrying out adaptation measures in four partner States, and Tamil Nadu is one of them.  The Department of Environment has been nominated as nodal agency for implementing State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) under Climate Change Adaptation in Rural Areas of India (CCARAI) Programme in Tamil Nadu state. 


       For preparation of SAPCC working groups was formed for seven identified sectors and the final draft of TNSAPCC was endorsed by MoEF&CC in March 2015. 



TNSAPCC Final Draft Report:


1) Chapter - 1,2 & 3 Introduction Clickhere


2) Chapter 4- Observed climate and projections Clickhere 

3) Chapter 5- Sustainable Agriculture Clickhere

6) Chapter 6- Water Resources Clickhere

7) Chapter 7-Forests and Biodiversity Clickhere

8) Chapter 8- Coastal zone management Clickhere

9) Chapter 9- Energy Clickhere

10) Chapter 10-Sustainable Habitat Clickhere

11) Chapter 11- Knowledge management Clickhere

12) Executive Summary Clickhere 

13) List of Contents Clickhere

13) References Clickhere